F406 Aircraft

Together with its partners ASI Aviation are finalizing plans to re-start production of the F406, initially at Reims. The aircraft will have upgraded avionics, electrical and hydraulic systems, a new autopilot and a choice of piston or the PT 6 engines. Later the F406 will be built in quantity in another country.


 F406 and Beech Retrofit

This has always been a key part of our business and we have already completed many sophisticated aircraft. You can bring your own aircraft to us for upgrade or we can offer you a selection with a wide choice of interiors ranging from Commuter, Cargo, Ambulance VIP or executive.  Part 23 and Part 25.



F406 Multi Missions

Many of the F406 aircraft have been delivered for Multi-mission use, we can upgrade the systems we originally installed, we can fit new EFIS avionics, a new autopilot, a Camera hatch, FLIR, SLAR, LIDAR or low cost target towing equipment. You can trust our company as we originally built the F406.


Multi Missions

Through our facilities in Toulouse and Reims ASI Innovation and ASI Aviation have jointly designed, manufactured, tested and certified some very sophisticated special-mission aircraft that are now protecting the maritime waters, terrestrial borders and inland security in many countries.


Aircraft Engines

ASI AVIATION is an official distributor for Continental Motors. Their engines power half of general aviation aircraft all over the world. A range of gasoline powered engines of up to 375hp are in production and Continental continues its leadership in the development of diesel engines.