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 The in-depth technical expertise of both ASI Innovation and ASI Aviation has enabled both companies to complete the extensive installation of a wide variety of customised instrument panels and operator consoles. Each is designed to meet the long term needs of each individual customer taking into account both existing, future known and anticipated requirements. 


The installation of the equipment whether it is in a DA42, F406, Beech 350, Embraer 135 or an ATR 72 is considered by a team of experts working with the customer and operator. ASI Innovation are a proven provider of STCs, customer design and installation services, with participation on over 50 aircraft programs or industries working closely with EADS, AIRBUS, Dassault, Bombardier, Embraer, Turkish Aircraft industries, Indonesian Aerospace.


The F406 is widely used by many operators around the world for aerial survey whether it is low level over land or water, medium level for covert surveillance or as high as 28,000 ft in the Himalayas. The size, comfort and stability of the F406 as an aerial platform and its ability to remain in the air for 9 hr enables operators to complete tasks in one day that would take 3-4 with less suitable aircraft.


The F406 is renowned for being rugged, reliable and capable of operating off dirt strips in Africa or short gravel runways in Alaska. Whether you are loading passengers, cargo or patients the aircraft can be quickly reconfigured. The flat heavy duty floor, cargo tie down points and the spacious nose baggage bay mean that the aircraft can remain within C of G whatever the load. Day time passenger aircraft quickly become fast long range night time freighters.


The installation of new interiors with new style extra strong lightweight seats is a specialty of ASI Innovation and several commuter interiors have been fitted into Embraer 135 aircraft. The new F406 will be offered with a new range of well proven seating that will improve customer appeal and reduce turn round times. Special mission operator seats with full 5 point harnesses are available.